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Youth & Family Ministry

The ELCA National Youth Gathering 2015
Detroit, Michigan 

What an incredible week! The youth enjoyed an awesome experience at The Gathering. They learned about justice and daily themes that taught them how God bears our burdens, builds bridges, breaks chains, and brings hope. They spent the week doing service projects, participating in activities that taught them about global and local issues of Detroit, and meeting many fellow Lutherans from all over the county. They had worship time and heard from some amazing speakers! They were greeted everywhere they went by people of Detroit expressing thanks and gratitude for being there and helping rebuild their city.

Words aren't enough to describe the feeling of being together with 30,000 other Lutherans who are standing together and doing God's work. We had a an absolute blast and cannot wait for the next one! 

Here's a quick glimpse of our trip in pictures...
Pizza is always a good idea. 

Lots of bus riding

That's Canada behind them!

The SUPER DOME w/ 30,000 Lutherans!

Welcomed at the airport with lots of LOVE!

Service Day!

Workin' hard!

HUGE Cross in the Dome each night. Awesome.

A sea of orange.

The Heidelberg Project. Incredible. 


Meeting with our Florida-Bahamas Synod. 

The Polka Dot House. 

We love you, Detroit!