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Green Business Write-Up!

posted Jun 30, 2015, 11:11 AM by Evan Potter

We were lucky enough to make it into the latest Green Partnership Newsletter! Thank you, Sarasota County!

Here is our write-up!

Faith Lutheran Church

"As a green partner, Faith Lutheran Church is taking steps to have a positive impact. The first of these steps was to create an active green team that meets to discuss programs and projects throughout the church.  These projects include having an Earth Day coffee hour, showing Earthbound videos and going electronic with their newsletters - that include a green tip of the week.  The church has an active recycling program that includes battery collection.  The staff uses reusable kitchen wares, coffee mugs and compostable coffee cups are provided for members and guests.


By using their comprehensive energy audit, Faith Lutheran has established a series of energy reduction measures.  To increase enegy efficiency, the building uses T-8 electronic ballasts, lighting control sensors and was designed to use increased natural lighting. The staff ensures that lights are turned off in unused sections of the church buildings, computer monitors are shut down when not in use and the sunshades are down in classroom areas.  Because of these measures, during their energy audit it was noted that their building is one of the most efficient facilities based on kW usage comparisons."