Bible Study

Pastor Steve Winemiller welcomes you to Judaism, An Introduction. This study presents the unfolding of the religious aspects of the Jewish civilization from the Hebrew bible to today, while keeping an eye on the historical background against which those changes within Judaism have occurred. We will explore some modern assumptions about the human authorship of the Bible, varieties of Judaism, how history shaped the practices of Rabbis, Jewish philosophers and mystics of the middle ages, the bridge between ancient and modern Judaism.


Wednesday Bible Study January 18th, Jan. 25th, February 1st, Feb. 8th from 9:30-10:30 am in the conference room. Pastor Larry Wright welcomes you to a study titled "Becoming Familiar with the Apocrypha".


Small Group Facilitated by Mark & Ann Greenwood. For more information please contact Ann by phone at 262-490-9917, or e-mail: This will be a really fun study, inclusive for couples or singles, of all ages.